Vow Renewal Officiating

Rediscovering Love, Renewing Commitments

Vow renewals are a beautiful way to commemorate the journey you’ve shared as a couple, expressing gratitude for the moments you’ve cherished and the challenges you’ve overcome together. Couples choose vow renewals for various reasons, including milestone anniversaries, overcoming hardships, or simply as a spontaneous expression of love and commitment.

A vow renewal ceremony is a profound and joyous celebration of the enduring love between a couple. At Jennifer Reid Officiating Services, I specialize in crafting heartfelt and personalized vow renewal ceremonies that capture the essence of your journey together. Let me guide you in creating a ceremony that honours your unique story.

Services Included

Personalized Vow Renewal Ceremonies

Reflecting Your Journey

Through personal consultations, I take the time to understand your relationship, the experiences that have shaped you, and the dreams you continue to share. The ceremony script is then crafted to reflect the unique chapters of your love story.

Renewing Your Vows

Whether you wish to recite the original vows with a renewed sense of meaning or create new promises to each other, the vow renewal ceremony is tailored to capture the sentiments that resonate with you at this moment in your relationship.

Symbolic Elements

Vow renewal ceremonies often include symbolic elements, such as the lighting of unity candles, exchanging of rings, or a unique ritual that holds personal significance. These elements add depth and symbolism to the ceremony.

Our Process


Initial Consultation

We start with an initial consultation to discuss your reasons for renewing your vows, your vision for the ceremony, and any specific elements you would like to incorporate.


Crafting the Ceremony

Based on our discussions, I create a personalized ceremony script that reflects your love story, highlighting the milestones, challenges, and triumphs that have shaped your journey.


Renewal Day

On the day of your vow renewal, I arrive ready to officiate a ceremony that radiates warmth, celebration, and the timeless bond you share with your partner.

Rediscover Love with Jennifer Reid Officiating Services

Whether you’re renewing your vows in an intimate gathering or planning a grand celebration with friends and family, I adapt the ceremony to suit your preferences. The focus is always on creating a meaningful and personalized experience that resonates with you and your partner.

Jennifer Reid Officiating Services is dedicated to helping couples renew their commitments in a way that is authentic, meaningful, and filled with love. Contact me today to discuss your vow renewal ceremony and embark on a journey of rediscovering and celebrating your enduring love.


For over a decade, Jennifer Reid has been an integral part of Alycat Makeup and Hair Artistry. As a bridal hair specialist she has brought to life the the personal visions of the bride and also doubled as a pillar of emotional support during those precious moments before the bride walks down the aisle. Having had the privilege of working side by side with Jennifer, it is evident that she is able to connect with her clients on a personal level. As a wedding officiant, she is sure to infuse her unique talents into ceremonies, making them truly unforgettable. What sets Jennifer apart is her special way of inspiring her clients with her contagious energy. The atmosphere she creates uplifts spirits and adds an extra layer of joy to those who find solace in her calming presence. Jennifer Reid is the perfect choice for couples seeking a wedding officiant who can not only perform a beautiful ceremony but who can also understand and cater to the their personal love story. Her journey from a bridal beauty specialist to ceremony officiant is a natural progression for someone who has consistently demonstrated a deep appreciation for the holistic experience of weddings.

Alice: Owner, Alycat Makeup and Hair Artistry


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