Intimate Marriage Signing Services

A Private Pledge Before or After the Ceremony

The Intimate Signing of the Wedding Registrar Services is an ideal option for couples who wish to separate the legal aspects of marriage from the ceremonial celebration. Whether you want a quiet moment to exchange vows in a more personal setting or prefer to finalize the legalities discreetly after the main ceremony, this service allows for flexibility in how you choose to mark the official beginning of your union.

For couples seeking an extra touch of intimacy and privacy, the Intimate Signing of Wedding Registrar Services offered by Jennifer Reid Officiating Services provides an exclusive opportunity to make your legal commitment in a more personal setting, either before or after the traditional wedding ceremony.

Services Included

Tailored to Your Preferences

Flexible Scheduling

The Intimate Signing Service can be scheduled at a time that suits your preferences, either before or after the grand celebration. This flexibility allows you to customize your wedding experience to align with your vision.

Private Setting

The ceremony takes place in a more intimate setting, providing you and your partner with a quiet moment to exchange vows, sign the marriage documents, and share the significance of this commitment without the formality of a larger audience.

Legal Formalities

If you opt for a signing before the ceremony, I will guide you through the legal formalities, ensuring that all necessary documents are signed, witnessed, and submitted appropriately. This allows you to focus solely on celebration during the main ceremony.

Our Process



We start with a consultation to discuss your preferences, whether you prefer an intimate signing before or after the wedding ceremony, and any specific elements you'd like to include.


Cutsomized Script

Based on our discussions, I craft a personalized script that reflects the sentiments you wish to express during the signing, creating a meaningful and intimate atmosphere.


Officiating the Signing

On the chosen day, I facilitate the Intimate Signing Service, ensuring that the legalities are handled with precision and that the moment is a deeply personal and cherished experience for you and your partner.

Create Your Own Intimate Moment

Jennifer Reid Officiating Services understands the importance of tailoring your wedding experience to match your unique desires. Whether you choose to sign the registrar before or after the main ceremony, the Intimate Signing of Wedding Registrar Services is designed to add an extra layer of personalization to your special day.

Contact me today to discuss your preferences and let’s create a truly personalized and intimate moment for you and your partner.


For over a decade, Jennifer Reid has been an integral part of Alycat Makeup and Hair Artistry. As a bridal hair specialist she has brought to life the the personal visions of the bride and also doubled as a pillar of emotional support during those precious moments before the bride walks down the aisle. Having had the privilege of working side by side with Jennifer, it is evident that she is able to connect with her clients on a personal level. As a wedding officiant, she is sure to infuse her unique talents into ceremonies, making them truly unforgettable. What sets Jennifer apart is her special way of inspiring her clients with her contagious energy. The atmosphere she creates uplifts spirits and adds an extra layer of joy to those who find solace in her calming presence. Jennifer Reid is the perfect choice for couples seeking a wedding officiant who can not only perform a beautiful ceremony but who can also understand and cater to the their personal love story. Her journey from a bridal beauty specialist to ceremony officiant is a natural progression for someone who has consistently demonstrated a deep appreciation for the holistic experience of weddings.

Alice: Owner, Alycat Makeup and Hair Artistry


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